Look Great for the Date

Look good for those social gatherings and parties! Have your hair and makeup done by one of our staff.     More

Professional Hair Care

Hair care is one of the most important assets to a great cut and style. At Xtremz, we use quality products that enhance the beauty in hair that was meant to be . If you're not sure about your daily products, check with us and we can steer you the right way. More



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I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. - Joan Crawford

A Gallery Post

    Styling tips   Essentials: good hair products, blow dryer with different settings, hot flat iron,  hot curling iron, and hot rollers. Yes, they are back and if you want a fuller look, place six rollers in the hair and let cool. Do not brush  run your fingers through your hair, spray and you're all set. More ... More

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Wedding Styles

Take some pressure off on your big day by choosing a stylist who you enjoy spending time with, and trust- one who  will be relaxed on your big Day.Planning ahead is the key to a successful Hair Day . More

Best Colorist Award

In 2015  Xtremz was awarded "The Best Coloring Salon in Grand Prairie" by Grand Prairie Awards. This year we were awarded the Best Customer Service award. I feel honored to have the staff we have at Xtremz, More