The benefits of Salon Booth Rentals in 2020

1. Rent your salon booth and set your own hours.

First, salon booth rentals that follow the traditional salon booth rental model, including the ability to customize your salon booth rental hours. It is typical for most salons to be closed on certain days. For instance, our salon is by appointment only on Sundays and Mondays. A chain store would not allow you to work those hours. When you rent a salon booth from us you can work at those times. This is also a huge advantage because our salon is a top rated salon, so you will get phone calls and walk-ins often. That can be very helpful if you are building clientele!

2. Be your own Boss with a salon booth rental.

Salon booth rentals allow you to control the hours and the pricing of your services. The salon will have some basic rules to follow that will ensure everyone gets along well and has a great experience, but overall, you are your own boss. That is a major perk of salon booth rentals that both nail technicians and hair stylists love!

3. Clientele Assistance is easier these days with salon booth rentals.

Hair stylists and nail technicians who rent booth space with us often refer clients to each other to get unique services. Each person who has a salon booth rental has a unique talent or specialty. Whether it be hair color or nail artwork, referrals are a great way to expand offerings to your clients. Having fellow salon booth rental tenants with you can help you provide special services to your clients and gain some new ones as well! In addition to this, the salon gets a lot of phone calls and walk-ins, especially around paydays. Salon owners who rent salon booths out should be able to track the website searches and phone calls they receive to estimate how many new monthly requests they get. Most importantly, our salon does this and the numbers will help you build clientele and provide great services as you grow your business.

4. You salon booth rental space means using your favorite products.

Working at a major chain works for many but the chains may have exclusive deals with product manufacturers, meaning you cannot use the things you love. When you rent a salon booth space you can use your own products and even sale product yourself!

5. Provide the services you want to provide in your salon booth rental.

Some places do not allow you to provide certain services for whatever reason. If you are a salon booth renter you should be able to. Common sense always applies here. Services should be legal, facilities should accommodate the service easily and without disruption to other guests of the salon. Always check with the owner before offering a new service. You may get advice on how to advertise it or even get referrals and promotional help. Either way, renting a salon booth is the best way to customize your service menu.

6. Customize your salon booth rental workspace.

Finally, one of the tell-tale signs of a salon with high turnover is the old blank workspace with just a technician’s license visible..UGH! A salon booth rental space will allow you to customize your workspace and decor. Most salons provide a unique visual and experiential visit, that is what sets them aside from chains or individuals. Salons often provide that perfect experience of music, lights, and feels. You can’t do that as well in chain store or even some salons. You can try it as an individual but salons offer that social aspect you can’t provide as a solo.

Xtremz Salon can provide you with a salon rental space that will help you enjoy your career more and gain clientele fast!

The salon booth rental model is the way to go. Our owner has over 40 years experience in the industry in this area. First as a salon booth renter and then as a salon owner. She has also owned this salon for over 20 years. Most of her technicians have rented for 5 or more years.

We currently have 3 salon booth rental spaces available. If you live or work in the Grand Prairie or Arlington area and would like to rent a salon booth space, please text us at 214-957-5488 or call 972-623-1772 and ask about renting a space. Our salon is a diverse working space. We represent the cross-section of ethnicity in Grand Prairie proudly!

We would love to have you!

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