The Xtremz Team

Here at Xtremz we have nothing but the best, most qualified stylists. Whether you are getting a haircut, changing your hair color, or adding hightlights, you have come to the right place!

Xtremz Hair Salon in Grand Prairie is your goto place for talent. Here is our team:

Tonja Good

Owner/Professional Stylist
Hello, My name is Tonja. I have been a stylist for 50 years and a salon owner ...
Margie Fulce | Stylist | Xtremz Salon

Margie Fulce

Professional Stylist
Hello, my name is Margie and I have been doing hair for 28 years in Grand ...
Karessa Kellner | Stylist | Xtremz Salon

Karessa Kellner

Professional Stylist
`Hi, My name is Karessa . I've been in the hair business for 30 years. I enjoy ...

Cassandra Allen

Professional Stylist
My name is Cassandra and I have been a stylist for many years. My work is ...
Calvin | The #1 Barber | Xtremz Salon


Professional Barber
I hail from Milwalkee, Wisconsin and have been in the barber business for 30 ...

Laura Gomez

Professional Stylist
My name is Laura and I have been in the hair beauty business for 31 years. My ...


Professional Stylist
INSPIRED BY GLAMOUR.... I am a classy, friendly, and sparkly girl with so ...