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Girl next door

Whats more sexier and attractive than simple. Little work and minimal makeup will do the trick. Then you can be the "Girl next door" More

Firey Mix

There is nothing quite like a stunning redhead. Red color is in because it is shiny and vibrant. I would say it is again the color of the year. There are many shades of red from red copper to violet red. if you decide to go that route, remember to make sure your stylist helps pick the right one for you. More

blonde fun

As the saying goes "Blondes have more fun". Do they? Its never too late to become a blonde. Once you do it will be very hard to go back to those dreary colors. It makes you look softer ,younger, and sexier. There are lots of different blond tones to choose from. Ask your stylist. Come on, TREAT YOURSELF!    ... More


In this day and age, styles can be anything you want. That's what is great about a good cut that lets you achieve that far out style that might define who you are. When you add caleidoscope color,  you have a great effect as well. Dare to be different, dare to be YOU! More


Here at Xtremz, we feel like we have one of the best nail tech in the area. Angie pretty well stays booked  full time. She is keeps a wellstocked cabinet of polishes and uses the best products on the markets today, such as Tammy Taylor, Gelish, and CND Shellac to name a few. Call us to see if she has any openings. More

Best Hair Coloring Salons

The best hair coloring salons know that hair coloring truly is an art. From the type you need to the amount of each color to add. Most of clients have their own special mixture which creates their own brand of beautiful. This years trendis leaning on the soft ash side.  The colors are beautiful and add softness to most  any ... More